The Hosts


Laura Bailey is an improviser, stand-up, sketch comedian, and song bird. She is wanted on charges of sexiness, hilarity, and criminal negligence causing bodily harm. A Second City-trained performer, she has hawked her comedy wares in Chicago, New York City, and the budding metropolis of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Laura is one half of sketch comedy duo BUTCH, whose videos can be viewed online. Career highlights include performing with Second City Toronto’s main stage cast when her name was pulled out of a hat, and that time she played an exaggerated Caucasian against two authentic Jamaicans in the first-ever improv scene of its kind. Laura has produced and performed in the musical improv extravaganza Way Off Broadway, which broke new ground with full band accompaniment. She is thrilled to be hosting and producing CHICKA BOOM with the exceptionally French Jess Beaulieu. Laura’s feet smell like cherry pie.


Jess Beaulieu is a stand-up comedian, sketch performer, writer, professional complainer, and you. She is you. Jess has been trying to make people laugh since she was just a wee little fetus. Along with hosting and producing Chicka Boom, Jess has also performed at the Boston Women in Comedy Festival, the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, where she was featured in the Chicago Sun-Times, was selected to perform in the 2012 Fresh Meat Showcase at Second City and tries to do as many sets as she can all around Toronto. She is half of the comedy duo Olaf and Katrinka, alongside her handsome partner Marcel Dragonieri, she was a member of the first installment of the Naked Fridays Players, a sketch troupe that performed weekly at the Second City show Naked Fridays, and she works in television as a bitter assistant, hoping to one day become a bitter writer. In her mother’s wise words, “Jess does entertainment type things! Isn’t that interesting?”


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